Business Maintenance Plan

Maintains Your Business' Ability to Conduct Business in Nebraska

Many modern car companies provide a maintenance plan on the vehicles you buy from them. Just like a business, your car has systems that need to all work, and work together, to make sure your car continues to operate. The dealer understands that maintenance is best performed regularly and by a trained and experienced professional.

Shouldn't you have a similar maintenance plan on your business? Through Clinch Law Firm's Business Maintenance Plan, you are provided with the Peace of Mind knowing that you don't have to worry about your business being dissolved because you forgot to file some paperwork.

Keeping your business compliant with Nebraska law may seem like a daunting task to many business owners. You need to stay up-to-date with State document filing; you need to stay up-to-date on new laws or changes in old laws that affect your industry; you also need general legal advice.

As part of the Business Maintenance Plan:

  • Yearly company minutes
    • We will get in contact once a year, preferably in January, to discuss ay changes in your business and document anything significant for your company minutes.
  • We file your Biennial Report with the Secretary of the State
    • A biennial or annual update must be filed with the Secretary of the State, depending on your business. Many business do not do this, and this can lead to Administrative Dissolution.
  • Statutory updates that affect your business and industry
    • We receive and review statutory updates on a regular basis and forward any relevant changes to our clients
  •  1 hour of Legal Consulting
    •  Call us to discuss whatever you want when you have a legal question.
  • 15% off our hourly rate for other legal services.

For more information on Nebraska Annual/Biennial Reporting requirements, visit the Nebraska Secretary of State website.

Available to New and Existing Customers

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