Peace of Mind Maintenance Plan

Would you like the Peace of Mind knowing that Your Estate Plan always up-to-date?

There are many things that can interfere with the effectiveness of a Trust, the validity of a Will or of other papers.

With ever-changing laws, changes in your family, and changes to your assets, you can run into some serious problems.

  • An out-of-date Trust can create significant hurdles when you need that Trust most of all. Trusts often come into play during times of crisis, including sickness and death. An out of date trust can bring an additional level of worry and stress to an already difficult situation. You can easily give yourself Peace of Mind by keeping your Estate Plan up to date.
  • Changes in your financial situation or property ownership require updates. Property not accounted for or properly funded in your Estate Plan will have to go through Probate, which is likely something that you Estate Plan is intended to avoid.
  • Beneficiaries not clearly defined, such as new wives, husbands, and children can cause question and create extra steps. Significant events such as marriages, new family members, divorces, and deceased family members are big reasons to update your Estate Plan.

You want your wishes to be carried out when you are no longer able to express them and fight for them.

We can help — by offering our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plan, an on-going Estate Plan maintenance plan  — in order to ensure that your critical documents are always up-to-date. It costs a little to have your Estate Plan reviewed on a regular schedule, but it can cost your family a lot more if they can't carry out your wishes or your estate ends up in probate. And it can cost you your freedoms if you end up living under a Guardian/Conservator.

If we find a problem, we can fix it — and if there are no problems, you gain Peace of Mind.

What our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plan covers:

This Peace of Mind Maintenance Program covers the following matters:

  • Bi-Annual Plan Review
    • We will contact you to get current information regarding changes to your family, your assets, or other matters that might affect your estate, and will advise you of any suggested changes prompted by changes in the law or in your life circumstances,
  • Annual Summary of Current Estate Plan
  • Plan Amendments
    • We will amend your plan to accommodate simple alterations made necessary by changes in the law or your life circumstances. This service does NOT include amendments that require substantial alterations to an existing plan or the preparation of additional documents. Such services will be provided upon request at 25% discount from our standard fees.
  • Access to Legal Expert
    • Unlimited telephone calls for questions about your estate plan
    • Without any additional charge, we will be accessible telephonically to answer your legal and financial questions to the best of our ability. If your situation requires assistance beyond our expertise, we will help you find an appropriate professional to address your needs.
  •  Preparation of an asset inventory spreadsheet
    • To help ensure that your trust is properly funded, we will create and maintain an asset spreadsheet to help you keep track of your assets, legal ownership of those assets and any applicable beneficiary designations. (This does NOT include actual transfers of assets into your Trust.)
  • Added to Mailing List
    • We will send out periodic newsletters updating you on any important changes in the law and informing you of any notable events.
  • Discounts for Trust Funding
    • In the event that you acquire new assets that you need placed within your Trust, we will provide expert guidance and assistance to fund your Trust with your new assets at a discount of 25% of our normal fee.
  • Discounts for family members
    • We will create estate plans for members of your family at a 25% discount from our standard fees. For any probate or trust administration for your estate or the estate of a family member, we will discount 10% of our normal fee or the fee set by state statute.
  • Pricing
    • $295/year

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